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Start marketing with Meta

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Introduction to Meta technologies

In this blog we will review how to use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to establish an online marketing presence for your business. Many business owners are unsure of the value that social media offers them, this article aims to make clear the marketing benefits and features that Meta technologies offer. A few of these features form part of other social networking platforms as well.

Getting started with Meta technologies

Why do businesses have a Facebook page? Simply put, because businesses can use Facebook to look for and get discovered by new audiences, build relationships and turn connections into customers.

However, Meta has grown beyond Facebook to include technologies such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to help businesses bring more of their presence online. Businesses can use these tools to grow, stay connected to customers, tell their stories and share updates about their products and services with their communities.

  • Facebook: People use Facebook to share what matters to them and discover what’s going on in the world. In short, they use it to keep in touch. Businesses can use Facebook to make connections, accomplish their goals and tell their stories, on any device, with Facebook business Pages, posts, events and more.
  • Messenger: Messenger enables people to conveniently and privately connect with one another on mobile and desktop computers. All Facebook business Pages have access to Messenger, which they can use to quickly and efficiently respond to customers. Businesses can use Messenger to help increase customer acquisition, facilitate transactions, raise awareness and provide customer service with tools like greetings, automated responses and away messages.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. People use Instagram to get inspired, find and explore interests, share passions and create connections. Instagram business accounts can help businesses to tell people’s stories using unique and immersive formats and spark exploration with features like feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, videos and Reels.
  • Whatsapp: People around the world use WhatsApp to communicate with one another quickly and reliably through private messages. Businesses can use WhatsApp to contact customers everywhere and build connections via texts, voice messages and video calls. Also, the WhatsApp Business app provides tools to create a digital storefront and help automate and organise messages.

Establish an online presence

What do businesses do with an online presence? They establish an online presence in order to expand their reach beyond the local community, grow their network and entrench their current relationships.

  • Facebook and Messenger: Businesses create Facebook pages to connect with customers. Businesses can display contact information on the Page and share updates about the business (eg. latest products in stock). Messenger can be used to respond to customers who have questions about their orders. Businesses can also reach more people by creating advertisements through a Facebook Page or with Ads Manager.
  • Instagram: With an Instagram business account businesses can edit and share photos and videos with people who are following the account. When businesses use Instagram creative tools to build their brands, they can get discovered by new people and strengthen relationships with existing customers.
  • Whatsapp: A business account on WhatsApp allows businesses to set up a catalogue and begin chatting with customers through text and voice messages. Businesses can establish a presence on WhatsApp to make it easier for potential customers to find them. The WhatsApp Business app is free to download and businesses can use its automated tools to communicate with people and quickly respond to messages.

Key takeaways

When businesses establish a presence on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, they can tell a story, find an audience and build lasting connections with their followers. Now that you know about each of these apps and what they offer, in the next blog, we’ll learn more about how you can use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to grow your business.


Use Meta technologies to connect with audiences

This lesson will prepare learners to establish a business presence on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Students will learn how to use these apps to build awareness, engage customers and achieve business goals.

Tools for businesses on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Businesses of all sizes can use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to establish a presence online and tell their stories.

Businesses on Facebook

When businesses join Facebook, they can connect with their customers and access features that help them grow their communities.

  • Develop a business presence
      • With Facebook business Pages, businesses can add personalised information to help their customers find them.
      • Businesses can share posts and Stories on a Facebook Page to stay in touch with their customers. To save time, they can use Meta Business Suite to manage and schedule posts.
  • Engage with online communities
      • Businesses can host events or create and join groups to engage with people online.
      • To communicate with customers, businesses can use Messenger to send and receive direct messages.
  • Sell with shops
      • Businesses can create and use Shops as digital storefronts. With this free tool, they can add a store catalogue, customise the look and feel of a shop and sell products.
  • Get noticed with ads
    • Businesses can use Meta Ads Manager to develop advertising campaigns aligned with their business goals. They can create ads, set a budget and select ad placement options across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Businesses on Instagram

People come to Instagram to explore their passions, express themselves, discover and share. Businesses can use the technology to join their community and fuel momentum. When businesses join Instagram, they can connect with people who care about the same things they do. By expressing themselves with powerful visuals, businesses can interact with people, inspire action and grow passionate communities. Let’s take a look at the different tools:

  • Develop a business presence. 
      • Businesses can create a business profile and share posts with their followers. They can use different creative formats like feed posts, Stories, Instagram Live, videos and Reels to build a presence and reach an audience.
  • Engage with vibrant communities.
      • To connect with people on Instagram, businesses can use hashtags and mentions in their posts.
      • Businesses can have conversations with customers and show them that they care with messages on Instagram.
      • With Instagram Live, businesses can broadcast live video to engage their communities and share updates in real time.
  • Boost sales with shopping
      • Businesses can create shopping posts and sell their products straight from their Instagram profiles.
  • Create ads to promote business growth
      • To reach a larger audience, businesses can convert their Instagram posts and stories into ads.
  • Use the professional dashboard
    • Explore educational information from Instagram and business tools from one destination. Use the professional dashboard and the insights tool to learn about how your followers interact with your photos and videos. This knowledge can help you create posts that are relevant to your audience and increase opportunities for them to see your profile and take action.

Businesses on WhatsApp

Businesses and their customers can use WhatsApp to get in touch with one another anywhere and at any time via free and secure text messages and voice and video calls. WhatsApp business tools can also help businesses build relationships and serve their customers around the world.

  • Establish a business presence
      • Businesses can create a WhatsApp business profile to communicate with customers over text, voice and video.
      • To make it easier for people to start conversations, businesses can share short links and QR codes that open a WhatsApp chat window when scanned.
  • Communicate with customers. 
      • Businesses can use built-in WhatsApp Business features to keep up with customer conversations. For example, they can use quick replies to provide fast answers to frequently asked questions, greeting messages to welcome customers to a chat and away messages to let them know when to expect a reply.
  • Improve the shopping experience.
      • With catalogues, businesses can showcase and share their products so people can easily browse and discover things they might want to buy.
  • Advertise to start new conversations with your business
    • Ads that click to WhatsApp are a great way for people on Facebook and Instagram to discover your business and also provide people a quick way to chat with your business about pricing or ask for recommendations. People who respond to ads that click to WhatsApp are automatically directed to start a conversation with your business.
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